Tennis Club annual 
dinner dance

Stonehaven Tennis Club members and their families gathered to celebrate another triumphant year of successes at the Annual Dinner Dance. The evening began with the Club Championship presentations followed by a delicious cold buffet prepared by 
Castleton Farm.

2015 STC Club Championship Results:

Under 8 Winner: D Tibbetts, Runner Up: Oliver Warner

Under 10 Boys Winner: G McIver, Runner Up: R McIver

Under 10 Girls Winner: I Leiper, Runner Up: B Alexander

Under 11 Boys Winner: C Doney, Runner Up: R Allan

Under 11 Girls Winner: A Sterk, Runner Up: J Bruce

Under 12 Boys Winner: L Findlay, Runner Up: N MacPherson

Under 12 Girls Winner: R Sterk, Runner Up: A Sterk

Under 14 Boys Winner: L Duthie Gray, Runner Up: L Findlay

Under 14 Girls Winner: R Sterk, Runner Up: J Critten

Under 14 Boys Doubles Winner: L Findlay & C Doney, Runner Up: G Alexander & A Jolliffe

Under 14 Girls Doubles: Winner: R Sterk & A Simmers, Runner Up: A Sterk & J Critten

Under 18 Boys Winner: P Young, Runner Up: L Duthie Gray

Under 18 Girls Winner: A Burns, Runner Up: A Aitken

Under 18 Boys Doubles: Winner: S Holley & M Lomax, Runner Up: N MacPherson & G Alexander

Under 18 Girls Doubles: Winner: M Hornsby & J Critten, Runner Up: C Young & H Anderson


Men’s Singles: Winner: B McIver, Runner Up: D Colvin

Ladies Singles: Winner: A Burns, Runner Up: A Aitken

Men’s Doubles: Winner: D Colvin & S Brown, Runner Up: P Young & S Aitken

Ladies Doubles: Winner: S Howe & M Hornsby, Runner Up: Y McPherson & H Anderson

Mixed Doubles: Winner: J Owen & S Thomson, Runner Up: L Powell & N Prichard

Family Doubles: Winner: A Aitken & S Aitken, Runner Up: R Sterk & A Sterk

Coaches Award: Winner: P Johnston and J Critten for involvement, improvement and commitment. Both have significantly increased the amount of competitive tennis they took part in this year.