Wrestling takes over Stoney Town Hall

Wrestling action descended upon Stonehaven Town Hall last Saturday on the final stop to their huge show at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

The stars of WrestleZone produced six matches for those in attendance with plenty of on offer, including a raffle to raise funds for the Stonehaven Town Hall Trust.

Bryan Tucker of the Hotshots and reporter Lee at the Stonehaven Town Hall

Bryan Tucker of the Hotshots and reporter Lee at the Stonehaven Town Hall

Having never been to a WrestleZone show before but a follower of American wrestling, the difference from watching a show live in front of you to watching it on your telly is astounding.

Every body-slam echoed around the town hall and any wrestling fan out there in Kincardine and Mearns can take it from me that WrestleZone really was worth the price of admission.

Walking into the Town Hall and seeing the ring set up and children running about all excited really gave the event a family friendly feel. Many of the children were wearing masks of whom I would later find out to be the “Tangerine Dream” Cysto.

The first match was for the tag team titles involving the Thunder Buddies and the Hotshots. The match ended in disqualification when a ladder was used by Bryan Tucker of the Hotshots who shoved referee Dennis out of the way and sent William Sterling flying into the ladder.

There were three matches in total either side of the intermission with former undisputed champion Damien making light work of the Cysto

Damien scored the victory thanks to the Codebreaker and is due to team with Johnny Lions and Chris Archer to take on Scotty Swift, Mr Paterson and WWE legend X-Pac at Aberdeen Anarchy on May 10.

In the final match before intermission Alan Sterling had an MMA exhibition but hardly got started thanks to the ‘You tapped out’ chants throughout the arena. Just when it looked like Zach Dynamite was going to make Sterling tap, Sterling’s manager, Mr. Malice, would strike him from behind.

Sterling had his challenge to Ross McTavish answered when the latter stormed the ring to help Zach Dynamite. As a wrestling fan and a journalist, McTavish has all my support taking on Sterling at the Ballroom.

After the intermission, Chris Archer sneaked a win against the debuting Wolfgang by using the ropes and my favourite moment of the night happened when Stonehaven’s own Mr P took on Aspen Faith.

Just when it looked like Aspen Faith and his tag partner, Midas, were going to get the better of Mr P, Councillor Len Ironside came through the curtain to deck Midas and stop him interferring, allowing Mr P to score the pinfall.

The tag team main event saw Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift take on Jack Jester and Johnny Lions. Having seen Jack Jester on a recent BBC documentary, words can’t describe how intimdating this man looks in the flesh. He is a beast. The match ended when fan favourite, Scotty, was pinned by Jester.

The night ended with Jester and champion Crusher Craib in the middle of the ring as the two face off for the belt at Aberdeen Anarchy.

It was a great night in Stonehaven Town Hall and gave WrestleZone plenty of momentum going into their biggest show of the year.

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