Motor Club stagesfirst test of the year

Stonehaven and District Motor Club (SDMC) held its first Production Car Autotest (PCA) of the year on Sunday, April 6, at Coneyhatch.

Tuesday, 29th April 2014, 7:00 am
SDMC is organising another PCA at the same location, Coneyhatch, on Sunday June 8
SDMC is organising another PCA at the same location, Coneyhatch, on Sunday June 8

The event was held by kind permission of Quintin Milne of Aberdeen Rally Centre and Brian Watson of Coneyhatch. A total of 14 drivers entered, split evenly between the two classes of up to 1400cc and over 1400cc.

A PCA is cheap and accessible form of motorsport. All that is required is a basic car and enthusiasm. The cars need little preparation to compete, other than be structurally sound, have working brakes, and seat belts. All the cars competing at the weekend were purchased for just a couple of hundred pounds or less.

Basic road tyres are used, specialist tyres not being allowed in this form of motorsport. The only other thing required is membership of a qualifying motor club, like SDMC.

A PCA is cheap and accessible form of motorsport,

The event consists of several tests held on different surfaces around a marked course, including reversing sections against the clock and, in a PCA, a passenger is carried to help with navigation.

The day started dry and breezy, and fortunately stayed that way all day and the sun even made an appearance during the afternoon.

The morning session comprised three sections in a stubble field, and each set of competitors had three runs on each section, with the best two times counting.

After a break for lunch, three new sections were set up, this time utilising sections of the Aberdeen Rally Centre’s gravel track, and again all had three attempts.

SDMC held its first PCA of the year on Sunday April 6 at Coneyhatch, near Stonehaven.

After a great day of fun and thrills, the under 1400cc class was won by Rod Manson with Nick Walker as runner up, the over 1400cc class was won by Mark Harvey with Scott Kerr as runner up.

Fastest time of the day was set by Mark Harvey.

SDMC is organising another PCA at the same location, Coneyhatch, on Sunday, June 8.

Minimum age for drivers is 14, with navigators as young as 12 able to take part with an experienced driver.

All SDMC events are run under MSA rules with valid MSA permits and insurance, as safety is always a top priority.

If you do not have a car and are unsure if motorsport is for you, the club usually has a couple of loan cars available for you to try it out. See the SDMC website for further details of all club events and contact details at