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What happened in the Mearns from our very own archives.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 13th July 2015, 7:00 am

25 YEARS AGO - Friday July 13th 1990

Following hard on the heels of the discovery that Mackie Academy have been using their familiar badge ilegally for almost a century, comes further bad news - that making it legal will cost about £650.

But the F.P. Association have come to the school’s rescue. They don’t think Mackie should be landed with the bill, and are asking for donations to meet this cost.

The Mackie badge was designed by the first Rector of the Academy, but only recently the present Rector, Mr John Fraser, succeeded in having the petition to establish the badge legally granted, through the offices of the Lord Lyon.

F.P. officials report that there has been a good response from members to their fundraising letters, and are hoping for financial help from non-members of the Association, too. This gives them the chance to remind F.P.s that membership costs only £1 a year, or £5 for life membership.

Hopefully, the Academy will be able to sport a wholly legalised and paid-for badge long before the Centenary celebrations in 1993!


Safety Inspectors have told fairground operators at Stonehaven’s Baird Park, that they can start up their giant Ferris wheel again. This follows Monday night’s incident when 3 teeange girls fell 25ft from one of the cradles and suffered serious injuries.

50 YEARS AGO Friday July 9th 1965

Stonehaven, getting properly into its stride for the summer season, is looking for great things during the Glasgow Fair fortnight and the first two weeks in August.

Practically all accommodation is fully booked for that period and it remains for the weather to play its part.

Indeed, the weather was just about the only complaint heard froma number of this week’s visitors, who were interviewed by “Mearns Leader” reporters. Everyone seemed well satisfied with what the town had to offer in the way of attractions. The big trek north began in earnest on Saturday. Almost thoughout the whole day there was a steady stream of traffic coming north on both the Brechin and Montrose roads and a good deal of it seemed to be destined for Stonehaven. Unfortunately, the weather was not the best but it was no worse than in other parts of the country so that the holiday makers weren’t too disheartened. There was a slight improvement on Sunday and many day visitors were around to swell the crowds. Parking seemed to be adequate for the occasion and there seemed to be no congestion. The harbour was, as usual, very popular and the sight of the yachts racing in the bay attracted a majority of the visitors.

100 YEARS AGO Thursday July 15th 1915

Visitors and residents alike will be glad to hear that the Stonehaven Band will make its first public appearance next Thursday evening in the Market Square. Owing to many of the performers going on military service, the band has had to be entirely remodelled during the past winter and one can understand that Mr J. Alan McGill, the conductor, must have had a hard few months training to bring out a capable band.


The Flag Day on behalf of the French Relief Fund is to be celebrated in Stonehaven on Saturday first, the 17th July. The usual excellent arrangements have been made for the sale of flags, flowers, etc., throughout the day. With summer now with us, more flowers than ever should adorn the dainty little trays carried by the young sellers.

Provost Greig asks us to intimate that the ladies in charge of the arrangements will be very glad to receive gifts of flowers in the Town Hall on Friday evening and on Saturday morning.


The heavy rains of the past week or two combined with warmth, has had an effect on growing crops.