End of the winter league at Stonehaven Golf Club

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Mrs Scurrie Tweeter and I returned from a most welcome holiday on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

My clubs were left to relax in my SGC locker and the battery for my trolley sat on trickle charge awaiting my return.

To my great surprise (no idea why) the hotel we were staying at had 4 golf courses within 1/2 a mile of it ... So I thought I’d inquire as to the remuneration required to make my way round said Mexican Links. A quite reasonable £90 secured a round of golf and a caddy ... Not a patch on the value our beloved SGC offers.

So with my appetite whetted in the the shadows of the Sierra Madre I headed out for my first non competition round of 2016 this Saturday.

While the successful qualifiers from the winter league season ​were ​battling out their final​,​ Messrs Nellany, Hart and Graham joined me for a four-ball ​o​n what was a beautiful Spring morning.

And so we come to the real reason for Saturday’s golfing efforts... The 2015/16 Winter League.

Now in the past the winter league was a matter of playing a minimum number of stroke play rounds throughout the winter, better than anyone else, followed by semi finals and finals ​of match play ​over one weekend. In days gone by this was seen as being the ‘way to do it’ and indeed your beloved scribe has held said cup aloft on a number of occasions using this format.

But time has seen change and, I believe​ ​enlightened change​,​ to a qualifying score based on the stroke average over a minimum number of winter rounds followed by a single round of stroke play.

At the end of the winter and after battling through dark nights, dreich weather, frozen greens, soakin weet waterproofs and seipin socks Barry McGillivray and Stuart Dempster prevailed in the Scratch Doubles, the handicap was won by Messrs MacArthur and Henderson and finally the singles as won by ​Malcolm Ritchie who stormed past Steve McGhie to lift the Billy-nae-mates section ... Very well done to all

Scratch Doubles: B McGillivray/S Dempster 61.6, 62, 123.6, A Russen/K Douglas 64.7, 64, 128.7, N Irvine/H Roulston 63.3, 70, 133.3, W Pittendreigh/Gr Adamson 64.6 69 133.6

H/cap Doubles: N MacArthur/D Henderson 57.0, 52, 109.0, A Barnett/T Simpson 58.9, 57, 115.9, M Halliday/S Campbell, 58.7, 60, 118.7, I Wood/K Duncan, 58.9, 60, 118.9

Singles: M Ritchie, 36.7, 44, 80.7, S McGhie, 38.9, 40, 78.9, J Nowak, 36.0, 37, 73.0, I Smith, 37.2, 34, 71.2, G Docherty, 37.0, 34, 71.0, A Darragh, 35.5, 33, 68.5, D Hepburn, 35.7, 32, 67.7, S Hutcheon, 36.7, 30, 66.7