Golfing fashion and the latest from Stoney GC

Stonehaven Clubhouse
Stonehaven Clubhouse

This week’s topic is one that is often ignored ... Golfing Fashion ... is this an oxymoron?

Many non golfers look upon us as gadding about in Plus Fours, two-tone shoes with kilties, loud intarsia jumpers and smoking short cigars of frustration in bunkers

How wrong could they be as Saturdays sartorially elegant crowd proudly displayed the full gamut of the noughties style icons.......... Many metres of Galvin Greens finest goretex cloth offset by beanies of as many colours… Dolly Parton could have made a coat.

Well...actually.. they could be wrong ..horribly wrong!!

I refer not to last year’s best threadbare gardening corduroys or moth eaten soup stained woolly jumpers ........ but to the aberration that is trousers tucked into socks !!

I need remind none of my style conscious readers that this is rivalled only by socks and crocs or socks and sandals . How many of us have cringed by the pool in Magaluf as white legs passed by beautifully juxtaposed by green calf length Matalans finest inside a pair of rubber atrocities ???

And so it is with the golfing no-no I dare hardly repeat.

Heed not those that claim it’s to save their breeks getting dirty .... or it makes their waterproofs easier to put on ....... or my shoes needed cleaned after last week and the cat had to go to the vet .......... It’s just plain wrong!!!

To offset some of the above fashion disasters, your clubhouse will be taking stock of Benross waterproofs this week and we are working with Sunderland who have unveiled an exciting range of wind and waterproof gear. Orders are being taken now …please check the catalogue out at club shop. A gentle reminder to all members that the sweeps and two’s vouchers must be redeemed by 31st December & any SGU vouchers are usually dated for a three month period so please search them out now before it’s too late to redeem them.

The weather remained frustrating over the weekend…it looked less promising on Saturday but the course was open. Conversely on Sunday we had beautiful blue skies but the course had to be closed due to being heavily waterlogged.

In the clubhouse, it’s Party night at the club this Friday, December 11, bring a party to a party night….sumptuous

So to this week’s leading scores then:

Scratch Pairs: W. Pittendreigh/Graeme Adamson & R McAllan/I Taylor (both 60), N Irvine/H Roulston (63), A Russon/K Douglas (65)

Handicap Pairs: T Simpson & A Barnett (55), M McCoy/C Polson & N McArthur/D Henderson (both 58)

Singles (points): G Docherty (42), K Gordon (41), S McGhie (39), A Wood & D Hepburn (both 37), A Darragh (36)