Greetings Sun Worshiping Baa Bashers


Well after a stuttering start to the season your rambling nonsense correspondent finally managed to complete a medal round ... But seek ye not a record of the event.

Messrs Scurrie , Flago and 2Gs ventured out on a blustery Saturday past with high hopes. Yours truly played the front nine with a swing like an octopus falling out of a tree and racked up 46 mighty blows by the 10tee... But fear not within the not too athletic Scurrie frame lurks a golfer of some ability and through the wind blasted back nine I improved by 11 shots. Now at this point you may expect we marked our cards and headed for the computer to log said score??? ... Oh no no no ... Turning up the steps to the clubhouse and a well deserved golden nectar mr Flago blurted out the ominous words.... Here did you log us into the medal today?

Answer was a firm ... “I thocht you wiz deein it fan I got the coffee” ... Oh well next week for the first recorded score it is. Fit a pair oh neeps.

May Innes Medal played last Saturday. Leading scores: Best gross - Neil Irvine, 67, Div 1 - Ken Green 61, Kenny Duncan 62, Ross McAllan 63, Div 2 - David Henderson, Donald Gordon, Malcolm ritchie (all 65), Div 3 - Raymond Shearer, Jim Glennie (both 63), George Deans 65