Gymnastic Club kept busy

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Stonehaven Gymnastics Club have had a very busy end to the year, taking part in both the Scottish two piece Beginner and Intermediate competition as well as the Aberdeenshire two piece Beginner Christmas competition.

In the Scottish competition, in the 10/11 years Beginner section, Heather MacEachern, Esme Rushmer and Rosie Meyer all competed in their first National and all did very well with Esme gaining a merit certificate which moves her to the Intermediate level.

In the 10/11 years Intermediate section, Kirstin Reith won the silver medal on vault and Layla McLaughlin won the fourth place ribbon on vault. Ella McRobbie and Heather Lloyd also competed very well in this section.

In the 12+ Intermediate section, Jessica Morrow won the fourth place ribbon on floor and the sixth place ribbon overall. Bethany Bruce won the fourth place ribbon on vault. The team of Bethany, Jessica, Glenn Masson and Amelie Palmer narrowly missed out on a medal. Bethany and Jessica gained merit certificates.

In the Aberdeenshire Christmas Beginners two piece competition, Lexie Brown, Rosabelle Morton, Sienna Grant and Ava Taylor competed in the 6/7 years section. They all competed very well with the team finishing a very respectable seventh place overall.

In the 8/9 years section, Josie Shepherd won the Silver medal on vault, Lottie Kemlo won the Bronze medal on vault, Gold Medal on floor and Gold overall. The team of Josie, Lottie, Maisie Cameron, Grace Cooper and Zara Gordon won the team Bronze medal. Jessica Gunn also competed very well in this section.

In the 10/11 years section, Stacey Hogg, Isla McIntosh, Elsa Parnaby and Ellie Robertson all performed very well.