Laurencekirk still throws up some pleasant surprises

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The saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt”, will be known to many of you.

Doing a local walk may not always seem very exciting, but you know there is always something new to see or learn.

Our latest walk, on Tuesday, December 22, the shortest day, is one that I’ve done – with variations – several times. It still amazes me how little I know of the area around Laurencekirk despite having lived all my life in the Howe o’ the Mearns.

Seventeen of us gathered at the Burgh Buildings on quite a fine morning after a night of terrible rain. Four did the shorter walk which was led by Ian Bell, and 13 of us did the longer one, led by Dave Shaw. Both groups covered more or less the same area but did it in opposite directions.

The main group set off from the car-park and turned right, to walk through Garvocklea Gardens, along Frain Drive, past the Primary School and out on Kinnear Square. We crossed the A937 and took the road past Oatyhill, walking close to the A90 until we reached the road to Mill of Thornton. Here we turned right through a belt of trees then headed right again round the edge of a field, until we reached Burnroot, down in a hollow. An early lunch stop – or mid-yokin’ - was an unexpected surprise; the sun was shining and then we saw a shower coming, but also a rainbow. On our way again, we met the other group who were about to have their lunch-break.

Fortunately the shower didn’t really affect us as we continued down to the Luther Water and walked beside it until we reached Waterside of Newton. Along the farm road, we turned right and followed a path that took us into Denlethen Wood. We did most of a circuit of the wood, before emerging and following the path beside Gaugers Burn to Railway Road. At the Medical Centre, we crossed Blackiemuir Avenue and turned right, then left along a path leading to the houses behind the Scot-mid store. From there, it was a short walk back to the car-park, where we arrived at almost the same time as the other group.

This was a shorter walk than usual – “about 4 point something miles”, I heard someone say – but none the worse for that. The weather deteriorated fairly quickly afterwards, so we were 
very lucky.

Our next walk will be on Tuesday, January 5 starting at the car-park beside the Church in Edzell. As usual, the minibus will leave the Burgh Buildings in Laurencekirk at 10 am. Meantime may I, on behalf of all our members, wish you our very best wishes for 2016.