Local pullers in World Indoor Tug of War Championships

Three pullers form Kinneff Tug of War Club have successfully competed at the highest level of the sport and returned with multiple gold medals.

Rhys Anderson, Mike Falconer and Martin Findlay were selected to compete at the World Championships for the nation Scotland squad. The pullers helped Scotland to defend their World Championship crowns after winning three weight categories at the previous world championships in Ireland, 2014.

Mike Falconer and Martin Findlay, competing in the Mens 560kg weight category were narrowly beaten by Northern Ireland for the Bronze medal.

Mike Falconer and Rhys Anderson were both competing in the Mens 600kg weight – beating every team and without dropping a single end, defended Scotland’s 600kg World Champions title. A stunning final against Chinese Taipei resulted in Scotland taking home the gold.

Rhys Anderson also anchored for the Mens 640kg and 680kg weight categories. Scotland continued to dominate the tournament with a controlling win in both weights. Again the Scottish team beat every opponent in the 640kg weight and dropped only one end in the 680kg to the host nation. Scotland would go on to beat the Netherlands in both finals, again retaining their 640kg and 680kg World Champion titles.

The 2016 World Championships helped cement Scotland as the top nation in indoor tug of war.