Mackie Netballers Defeat Robert Gordons at Aberdeen Beach Match

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The Senior Netball Team at Mackie Academy gained an outstanding win of 52-14 against Robert Gordons College last Wednesday.

The game took place at Aberdeen Beach Leisure Centre and was part of the ‘Open Scottish Cup’.

The hour and a half long match was an easy win for Mackie’s Silver Division team made up of 4th and 5th years. After training for 2 hours once a week after school for several years the team used their dynamic bond to their advantage.

Mackie ‘Goal Attack’ player, Tasha Lovick, explained that the team did not let minor set-backs diminish their high hopes going into the game: “We were confident but a few of us were ill and weren’t very feeling well”.

However, the 5th told me of the teams assurance that they could still succeed, “We knew we were going to win” she stated.

After the Mackie girls scored the first goal of the match early in the first quarter, they did not stray from their winning streak.

Tasha explained that all her team mates being at the top of their game was essential in their win: “We played very well as a team, our goal defence Naomi McGillivray and Connie Thomson made a lot of interceptions throughout the whole match”.

Tasha, a committed netballer, who has been playing since the age of nine, proved that a positive mind set can make all the difference, “I was really happy with my performance” she gleamed.

Lovick worked hard to defeat the Robert Gordons competitors, “My opponent was ‘Goal Defence’ and she was good but I felt alright against her”.

Despite Mackie’s landslide win the game was not completely smooth sailing; unfortunately, Tasha experienced a little trouble with her goal defence opponent, “She came quite close to me at points when she was marking and it wasn’t being pulled up by anyone, that was a challenge”

In fact, the pressure was on even higher for Tasha than most of her team mates. The senior student took the opportunity of this match to complete her ‘Higher P.E One-off Performance’.

As part of her Higher P.E course, Tasha had to take part in a match for a sport of her choice; along with a written exam for 40% of her grade.

Reassuringly, Tasha was competing along-side team mate ‘Emily Park’ who was also completing her one-off performance.

The girls have done themselves proud however they remain in the dark about their results, “we won’t find out our marks until we’ve done written part”, Tasha told me.

Mackie’s victory means they have gained a place in the next round of the Open Scottish Cup.

The team will face Lathallan School on the January 16, as they look to to reach the final of the Silver League.