Mammoths win two and lose to Guildford

Mammoths hosted the Buttercup Trophy this past weekend
Mammoths hosted the Buttercup Trophy this past weekend

Saturday, June 20 saw Mackie Mammoths host their annual Veteran’s Golden Oldies Rugby named the “Buttercup Trophy”.

Visiting teams were Brechin Bruce, Howe Knights, and Guildford.

Games kicked off at 1pm, with Mammoths first game against Howe, and the Mammoths quickly demonstrated that the recent win over Howe was not a one off, as they saw solid forwards play, phase after phase and then quick clean ball from scrum half Neil Leitch to standoff Phil Murray who distributed well all day. Centres Keith Crawford and Ciaran Dreelan along with Steve Allen at full back were to be a constant threat to the opposition.

It wasn’t long before the Mammoths opened the scoring which saw Ciaran run in two tries, along with Frankie and also Kenny Black on the wing also getting over for scores. Regular Mammoths such as Willie Stevenson and Gordon Ronaldson seemed to be at every breakdown along with newer Mammoths such as Marcus Kenny, Jim Froud-Williams, Mike Roulston, and Stephen Wardell all showing their skills and dominance on the field. A solid win for Mammoths with final score 25-0.

Next game for Mammoths was against old friends Brechin BRUCE and the Bruce being eager to correct a recent defeat to the Mammoths. The game started off with real intent and the physicality of play was not for the faint hearted.

Iain Gordon from the Bruce played like a battering ram as the Bruce persevered to try and get over the score line, but the grit and determination from the Mammoths was excellent and at one stage holding big Iain up in the tackle despite being over the try line, and then driving him back preventing a score.

Mammoths were under pressure but started to settle into the game and while the forwards were battling it out the Mammoths back line got the score board started just before half time when we saw some Frankie magic as he stepped passed some defenders to see him sprint down the left touch line to score. Soon after saw Ciaran Dreelan and Keith Crawford link up well with Ciaran getting over for another score, and then shortly afterwards Keith running a line to see Ciaran’s pass as he was tackled bounce off the ground and luckily into Keith’s hands as he sprinted over to score. Keith didn’t waste much time and saw another powerful run for Keith to score again with Mammoths 4th try of the game to see the final score 20-0.

Mammoths last game was against Guildford and the intensity of the day was certainly evident with Willie Stevenson unable to continue due to a leg injury and four other players making trips to hospital as Stewart Lorimer dislocating his elbow, and both Jon Dale and Stephen Wardell needing cuts to their head attended. The game against Guildford saw the Mammoths out classed, but the effort put into the game by every single player simply demonstrated what a great bunch of players the Mammoths have, and how far they have progressed recently. This was the final game of the day and was worthy of a cup final as Guildford finished the day 30-0 over the Mammoths.

The finally tally of games saw Guildford Win all 3 of their game, Mammoth win 2 loose 1, Howe win 1 loose 2, and BRUCE loose all 3 of their games.