New Year’s Golfing Resolutions

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A wonderful 2015 Christmas has now gone and the plum duff consigned to the re-cycling.

The course, and our fantastic team who work there, was given a much deserved rest over the festive period and returned at its sparkling best to greet us with a smile and a jolly jape on Sunday 
when golf once again was 
our focus.

However, this week’s sermon is not one of reflective ruminating but a look to the future now (as Noddy said .. Its only just begun!!) and what New Year’s Resolutions we members of Stoney GC should put in place.

I had considered lowered handicaps, playing for the Deeside League Team, having and extra bowl of the excellent soup every Saturday but rather than that I looked at what we could do to make SGC and the team a little bit better than it already is.

So ...Perm and 5 from 12;

I will turn up one hour before tee-off and be ready when it’s my turn to play. I will not park in a shared space if I’m on my own. I will not start a round ... stop to go shopping with the wife then finish it later when the sun comes out. I will not leave my damp waterproofs in my locker for three months until the walk out them selves.

I will not take any longer than 3 & 1/2 hours to play a round of golf irrespective of the weather, the heat, the cold or the fact I forgot that Auntie Betty is coming for tea. I will not continuously write to the committee every time I don’t get my own way or I think things should be what I want. I will not get changed in the car-park every week ... never go into the club then be the first to complain when the fees go up. I will repair my pitch marks (for those black looks they are the cavernous holes you balls make when you land on the green).

I will park my car so others can pass in the top car park. I will not help myself to someone else’s trolley when I have forgotten my own. I will pay for a hire trolley if I forget my own and not try to fleece the club and complain when they are not replaced. I will be polite to the bar staff when they tell me the course is closed. This past Saturday some of us more hardy souls played golf in conditions that can only be described as blaaan a Hoolie

In weather that sea-going vessels would heave to and sheep hide behind the nearest steen dyke we golfers headed into the teeth of the wind with only festive cheer and thick socks (not with trousers tucked into them) to keep us going.

At 10.47am a terrible event happened .... Colin Arthur lost his ball at the second hole.

Despite the sterling attempt of his playing partners and emergency services four hours later the little white pill had still not shown itself..... Any members finding a 54 year-old Dunlop 65 buried to the right of the second green please hand it in at the bar..

Fantastic to see so many in the clubhouse on Saturday... The ‘SHAGS’ held their Christmas Dinner in the View Restaurant resplendent in their Christmas Jumpers and Royal&Awesome breeks. What a wonderful jib they all cut. As you can see three other members in equally dazzling Loudmouth trews joined them for a photo by the Christmas Tree..

Remember the clubhouse is closed January 1-2 and there will be no access to lockers on those dates.

Assuming the course is open, there will be a chance to participate in winter league on January 3 (online booking open on Fridays).

Our Christmas draw was held on Saturday, congratulations to all our winners (prize list on website and in clubhouse): Steve Winstanley, Harry Roulston, Chris Black, Ian Hastie, Steve McGhie, Denis Longino, Eddie Craib, Stuart Jones, Glen Melvin, Terri McKenzie, Callum Mitchell, John Holyhead, Kevin Riddell, Tom Hyder and Brian Reid.

Well I dare say many of you will have tucked into the first round of three months of turkey sandwiches by the time you read this and are looking forward to Hogmanay and the fireballs.

So….to the scores then… many started a round, quite a few unsurprisingly didn’t….Gross 66 & 67 was a great effort from messrs McFarlane/ Robb , Russon/Douglas and Arthur/Officer but a net 60 from S Campbell & M Halliday was 4 ahead of their nearest challengers in the handicap pairs. Meanwhile 36 stableford points in the singles was terrific shooting. Well done all…leading scores were as follows:

Scratch Pairs: G McFarlane/G Robb 66, K Douglas/A Russon 67, C Arthur/A Officer 67, R McAllan/I Taylor 67, I Wood/K Duncan 69

Handicap Pairs: S Campbell/M Halliday 60, N MacArthur/ D Henderson 64, N Cattanach/R Pyper 65 , J Hepburn/D McKay 69

Singles (Stableford Points): I Smith (36), C Nicoll (34), G Innes (32) A Smith (32)

Here’s hoping for milder weather next week.

The club and council would like to take the opportunity of wishing all our members, visitors, staff & readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….we hope Santa has 
been generous.