Our reporter tries his best at Stonehaven Golf course

The closest reporter Lee got on Friday morning to a hole in one
The closest reporter Lee got on Friday morning to a hole in one

This past couple of weeks you may have noticed a couple of sports reports cropping up about local golfers winning limited edition watches due to getting a hole in one.

These stories and pictures are normally very few and far between so when we received around three of these in the past couple of months I spoke to Stonehaven Golf Course just to confirm that these aces had actually taken place.

After speaking to the golf club I was happy to print the articles and wish the recipients all the best on future rounds.

I’ve mentioned in the past how I enjoyed my golf and something was niggling in the back of my head. If these golfers had managed to get a hole in one in Stonehaven, was it an easy course? After a few phone calls back and forth we decided that I would leave my keyboard behind on Friday and have a go at a couple of the par 3’s myself.

The local players among Stonehaven don’t need me to mention the amazing views you get at the golf course, you already knew that. However there is something truly stunning about a glorious Friday morning standing at the top of the tee looking at the ocean before playing your shot. Accompanying me on my flirt with the golf course Kenny Duncan, a great guy who must of been trying his hardest not to laugh in this reporters face as I took a few of my shots. We played the first 8 holes to get me in tip top shape for my ace attempts at the par 3’s on holes 6,7,8,14 and 15.

Suffice to say if you are reading this article online you can see my attempts recorded by Kenny above. If you are reading this in print then I got 3 pars, 1 birdie and recorded a hole in one on hole 15. You really don’t need to look on our website, you can trust me. Many thanks to the golf course for putting up with myself and my attempts to claim any skill at golf.