Racing pigeons sent to Maidstone

On June 6, three members of the Gourdon and District Pigeon racing club sent 15 birds to Maidstone.

The birds were released at 6.30am and 1st home was a yearling, SU13AF 2440, belonging to Eddie Mann of Johnshaven with a velocity of 1078.08. 2nd home was SU13AF2552 , velocity 1070.10 belonging to D&D Hay, Gourdon . 3rd home was SU13AF2443 ,velocity 835.47, belonging to Eddie Mann. Brian Craig didn’t have his bird home.

Eddie Mann wins the Maidstone Cup , and the First Yearling Maidstone Cup.

D&D Hay wins 3 Longest Inland Races Averages Cup.

On July 5 2 members sent 12 birds to Ridsdale. The pigeon were liberated at 8.30 a

m and the result is as follows; 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th position goes to D&D Hays birds with velocities of 671.42, 605.14, 591.71, and 512.03. In 5th position was E.Mann with a yearling , velocity 443.79.

D&D Hay wins the Inland Averages Cup.