Shaunileigh gets a kick out of latest medal triumph

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Mackie Academy’s Shaunileigh Malone (17) narrowly missed out on a gold medal at the recent World Kickboxing Championships in Florida.

She lost out to an English fighter in the light contact final in Orlando, which was determined by a split decision by the referee, and she was awarded silver.

Shaunileigh has been kickboxing since she was nine years old, training at Lions Den Martial Arts Academy in Stonehaven. She not only dominates the Scottish competition for her weight and age category, but has also medalled in British and international events.

Shaunileigh also took home bronze for the semi contact after extra time in the quarter-final due to the fighters being tied on points throughout the match.

However, this is not the first time she has been placed in international events; she became world champion in the World Kickboxing Championships in 2015 for light contact kickboxing at her age and weight division, 13-15 girls +60kg.

In 2016 she moved up a div-ision to girls 15-17 +65kg and earned a silver medal in light contact and a bronze in semi contact.

When I asked how she felt about her performances so far, Shaunileigh said: “I’m very proud of all that I have achieved, but the focus now is on next year.

“I will be training even harder to ensure the gold medal is mine.”

Shaunileigh trains twice a week, and this regime is only increased when big competitions are coming up.

“Kickboxing has become part of my life, and I’d be 
lost without it,” Shaunileigh added.

Shaunileigh’s incredible talent has enthused many to start martial arts, and indeed Lions Den Martial Arts Academy is a very popular club 
for many in and around Stonehaven.