Sooyang students pack all the punches

One student demonstrates his ability
One student demonstrates his ability

It was a challenging weekend for Sooyang Do Martial art students as the May belt examinations were conducted.

The unique style of martial arts saw members demonstrate many aspects and levels to earn promotion to their next belt.

This spectacular martial art event took place at the end of May at the Westdyke Leisure Centre with 33 current Sooyang Do black belt students successfully attaining their belt promotion.

One of those students being Peter Collins from Portlethen Sooyang Do club who successfully attained rank of 1st Dan, along with two fellow students Murray Sinclair and Rebecca Westwater and two students from Stonehaven Sooyang Do club, Lee Walker and Ross Gordon who also have been promoted to their next Black Belt rank.

Millie McMillan, also from Portlethen Sooyang Do club, joined a further 16 senior students in earning the right to be awarded with that coveted Black Belt for the first time.

Congratulations to all on this great achievement.

Students of martial arts from Portlethen and Stonehaven earn new belts at the demonstration

Students of martial arts from Portlethen and Stonehaven earn new belts at the demonstration

The Black Belt examination, which concluded with a traditional wood breaking extravaganza provided a stern test of each individual’s technical ability, power and endurance which resulted in them receiving their awards during a subsequent belt presentation ceremony.

Chief Instructors from the two Sooyang Do clubs are extremely proud of their students.

Mrs McIver, Sooyang Do Chief Instructor at Portlethen said: “Hopefully these young martial artists will continue their journey with Sooyang Do and become the next generation of future Instructors”.

Mr Bremner Chief Instructor at Stonehaven added: “Helping students young and older to reach black belt is always a highlight of the year”.