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Stonehaven Golf Club on Monday with snow
Stonehaven Golf Club on Monday with snow

Now ... After a couple of local news weeks reflecting on our Club I thought I would look forward to a year which will see the demise of the Broom Handle / Anchored putter ...... Well there goes my extra inches on 2 club lengths.

With my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks I thought I might use this opportunity to exploit my shallow self and look at what presents I could possibly seek from my nearest and dearest.

Now.... Being a gentleman of a “certain age” I’m no longer young enough to receive ‘skinny jeans’ but neither am I ready for incontinence pants. I don’t want Intarzia socks and I definitely don’t want a hankie .. Presents not to be ‘sniffed’ at usually

So I thought I’d have a look in our own Graeme Masterton’s store of delights to see what’s out there. This wonderful golf emporium in the heart of Aberdeen is an Aladins cave of golfing treasures and as I stepped through the door I decided on beating a path to sartorial elegance...

I mistakenly thought a jumper might be nice or a fetching polo. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that before donning a shirt I needed seasonal protective under layers ...

How many remember In the 60, 70s the string vest was do-rigeur ... and how many of us cringe in horror of the memory of said undergarment tucked into their pants?? No longer is this a garment of shame I can bestride the fairways in my figure hugging thermo nuclear anti perspiration air pocketed short sleeved undershirt...

Not to stop there I thought three stripes or a swoosh would enhance my look. So with no further ado I headed for the shirt rail ... Well was I stumped or what?? Should I choose roll neck , turtle neck, no collar, soft collar, hard collar or zip collar .??????..

Do I need to have contrasting colours, single tone, vertical stripes, accent colours, horizontal stripes, pastel shades, fluorescent shades or muted shades?

Do I need a jumper, sleeveless top, wind top, storm top, breathable fabric? I suddenly realised ... Im a child of the 60s ... I have no skill whatsoever in the combining of either colours or fabrics. Lets face it my idea of being with the ‘in-crowd’ was Noddy Holder, Marc Bolan and David Bowie ....... I really dont think a feather cut, baggy tartan skinners or shiny platform boots fit this century

Well what about a nice new pair of shoes ... a man cant have too many golf shoes and so the theme continued........

I though... Ill make straight for a stout pair of sensible brogues with nice metal spikes........ No no no ... I have the option of dimples, soft spikes or ridges... dimples?? Last time I had dimpled soles they were on a pair of Adidas Gert Meuller fitba boots.. A lovely pair they were ... So 1975 fitba Boots progress to 2015 Golf Shoes .. progress indeed!

So after all that mind twisting sales and marketing Im back where I started ... Which do I go for? Forget that ... I’m settling for socks or a hankie .

Saturday winter golfers managed to get a score posted however the Sunday players couldn’t follow suit due to a covering of snow, such are the vagaries of winter golf!

All competitors are reminded that this years winter league finals are scheduled to conclude on Saturday 19th March so just four weekends left to improve on scores before the leaders make the qualification. It should be a hotly contested competition in all sections based on the numbers taking part this season.

Leading scores were as follows:

Scratch Doubles - N Irvine/H Roulson 65, A Russon/K Douglas 66, K Duncan/I Wood and C Arthur/A Officer (both 67)

Handicap Doubles - A Barnett/ T Simpson (59), N MacArthur/D Henderson and M Halliday /S Campbell (both 60), M McCoy/C Polson 64

Singles (points) - S Hutcheon (41), D M Gordon, D Milne, K Gordon (all 38), D Freeland (37)

Members are reminded that all subscriptions are due by 1st March. All patron memberships are now priced at £10 this season and golf members are offered a social membership for partners or spouse at only £5 for the season.

Both categories will be entitled to a membership card which can be used for bar purchases at a discounted rate – just top up the card!

Upcoming events at the Golf Club:

Friday 11th March – Ladies quiz Night – Open to all lady members and signed in guests. It was a tough one last year – remember to brush up on Ikea.

Check out club website and facebook pages for regular updates on club news as well as the occasional photo on Instagram at stonehaven1888 (please send some in to the club folks).

E/mails are issued to membership regularly – if you are not receiving, please advise club of your e-mail address.