Walking at Inverbervie

The Farquhar Memorial Gourdon Harbour
The Farquhar Memorial Gourdon Harbour

If there is something that brings a smile to our walkers faces, it’s a fine sunny day in December, views over the seas and a walk along the old railway line from Bervie towards Johnshaven and we got the lot on our last walk, where 25 stalwarts turned up at Bervie car park.

The main body of walkers set off along towards Gourdon and then on towards Johnshaven, but it was quite guttery after Gourdon. They then went up to the Haughs of Benholm across the A92 and followed the road to the old Benholm Church, where the people of Johnshaven used to have to come to worship on a Sunday, before they built a church in the village.

From there it was up to the old drove and carriage road behind Nether Knox and back down to Bervie by Hallgreen Farm, completing about a 5 mile round trip.

The second group decided to go back up into Bervie and wandered round by the church, library, primary school and to the health centre. From there past the garage and then the sheltered housing at Hanover Court. Further meanderings saw us back eventually to the Main Street and our route was then out by Sillyflat Farm to Gourdon.

There’s an old bit of A92 which is ideal for walkers and cyclists, which runs parallel to the main road and this was fine for us. Passing lots of new houses being built opposite the Business Park, then it was downhill to the harbour for our lunch break.

Sitting by the harbour, we watched the boats rise and fall and move backwards and forwards on their ropes as the seas were quite wild with lots of spray coming over the harbour walls.

Before leaving we studied the memorial beside the harbour, erected in memory of William Farquhar of Hallgreen Castle, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, who lost his life together with 98 others when HMS Racehorse was wrecked off the coast of China in 1864. Made of Persley granite, it has some wonderful features such as the granite rope and also Bible quotations on the vertical part.

Our last part of the walk was along to Bervie on the old railway track, with the wind behind us, which is why we chose to walk this way. A short walk round to the mouth of the River Bervie with its ducks, swans and cygnets. This had been another good day out. Who would have thought we would have been sitting out at the harbour in December having our ‘fly cup’?

The next walk is on Tuesday December 22 starting from the Burgh Buildings at 10:00am to the Denlethen Woods and beyond.