Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Well another week of inaction at SGC but that matters little just now.

Let’s spare a thought for our fellow Mearns and Deeside Golfing friends families and loved ones who have been hit by the weather in the past few weeks. No golf is a small price compared to what others are facing.

So with weather in mind let us turn to health. While undergoing my monthly bout of Physiotherapy on my lower back from the fragrant Lori Dunbar Smith at the Broomhill Clinic I took to thinking of a comment once made of the Great Seve Ballesteros by Peter Alliss. Seve was suffering from one of his many bad back bouts and as usual spraying it everywhere. Never the less in his usual cavalier fashion the ball was appearing back on the green and duly disposed of in the cup. At 8 under par and bemoaning his aches and pains Alliss came out with the classic ... BEWARE THE AILING GOLFER

How many times have we stood on the tee and heard our playing partner bemoan his ailments ... The dog bit me .. I picked up the bairn this morning and my back went.... Oooh too much Glenfarclas last night my heids nippin, I stood on the cat leavin the hoose and my knee gave way ...Only to see them rip a 300 yard drive right down the fairway.

Think this is only us amateurs?...No chance . Here are a few of our ‘heroes’ excuses for not playing:

Tiger Woods pulled out of the pro-am on the eve of the Barclays Championship, citing a sore back. The cause? “The bed in my hotel room was too soft.”

There’s not really much I can say guys. I am not in a good place mentally, you know?” - Rory McIlroy after walking off the course during the second round of the Honda Classic, at which he was defending champion.

Tiger Woods, after a miserable performance at 2013 Tour Championship: “I’m tired. I just ran out of gas. It has just been a long, long grind. Like the rest of the guys I am looking forward to taking some time off.” This from the fittest man on tour!!!

Phil Mickelson withdrew from the BMW Championship for what seems to be no other reason than he wanted to. “My primary goal is to rest and prepare for the Ryder Cup,” he said through his management team. “Without a chance to contend at the Tour Championship, the most important thing for me now is to prepare for the Ryder Cup.”

Tiger Woods lasted only 11 holes at the Farmers Insurance Open, withdrawing because of back pain that he attributed to a lengthy fog delay just prior to the start of his round. “My glutes are shutting off,” said Woods, who was 2 over on the day when he pulled out. “Then they don’t activate and then, hence, it goes into my lower back. I tried to activate my glutes as best I could, in between, but they never stayed activated.”

So next time you stand on the tee and your partner complains of aches and pains or broken limbs or Beri Beri disease ... Beware the complaining golfer!!

MEMBER UPDATES - As many members will already be aware, Stonehaven GC has entered into a reciprocal agreement with Letham Grange whereby golfing members can enjoy free use of all three courses for the 2016 season. We hope this will be a popular member benefit and we look forward to working with Letham Grange over the year and possibly beyond.

The club AGM will be held on 21st January and be immediately preceded by an EGM, all members are welcome to attend.

SOCIAL - Our first club social event of the year will be a Burns Night on Saturday 23rd January. A three course meal is included in the ticket price of £20 and available now. Although a little way off, there will be a change of pace on Saturday 13th February when music will be provided by local rock group “The Northern Lights”. Stovies included in the £9 ticket price.