Christmas was almost cancelled

This was almost a reality with no Christmas tree this year
This was almost a reality with no Christmas tree this year

If you weren’t at the last Stonehaven Community Council meeting, you have no idea how Christmas in Stoney was almost cancelled.

The Christmas tree that usually goes up in Stonehaven and is scheduled to have the lights switched on next Wednesday, was almost scrapped.

The tree and lights are put up by the Stonehaven Community Council with the group having a duty of care to the lights.

With Open Air in the Square needing the space on Hogmanay for emergency services and nobody available to take down the lights, the Christmas tree was almost scrapped all together.

The community council has already proposed and accepted a motion to put out that “with great regret they would be unable to put up a Christmas tree and lights this year”

Members of the Flood Action Group who were in attendence for a report back to the community council stepped in to help ensure Stonehaven had a tree and lights.

Speaking to the Mearns Leader, Stonehaven Flood Action Group Vice Chairmen Mark Irvine admitted it had been a tough year and that Stonehaven deserved a Christmas tree.

He said: “ When the Christmas tree was mentioned, neither Greig or myself could believe that the councillors could even consider the town going without a Christmas tree this festive period.

“Given the two recent floods and especially with last years being so close to Christmas, it would have been devastating to the people of Stonehaven, many of of whom have been left traumatised by the floods as well as embarrassing for the town as a whole.

“It beggared belief that the councillors even voted in favour of cancelling the tree and were going to release a statement to the press stating this.

“That is why Greig and I took the decision of behalf of Stonehaven Group to assist in the removal and storage of the Christmas Tree lights prior to the Hogmanay Party in order for Stonehaven to have a tree this year.

“We have been inundated with offers of help and support as well as thanks for ensuring the town will have their tree this year.

“We would appreciate if any local company with access to a cherry picker or manitou who would be willing to help could get in touch with either myself or Greig vis our website, ‘’.”