Running Brides Club launched in Aberdeen

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A leading Aberdeen sports and fitness facility is launching an innovative exercise club primarily aimed at brides-to-be.

Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) has created the Running Brides Club to help brides-to-be get fit in time for their big day.

The Club, which will launch on Saturday, January 23, has been designed to assist brides-to-be in achieving their fitness goals.

The group will meet every Saturday morning at 9am at the ASV Sports Centre Reception, which is located on Linksfield Road, and will be lead by one of the centre’s professional trainers who will provide top training tips and nutritional advice to participants.

Duncan Sinclair, chief executive of Aberdeen Sports Village, said: “The Running Brides Club has been developed to allow brides-to-be, their bridal parties, and their family and friends to exercise together in a motivational and fun way.

“At Aberdeen Sports Village we are proud to support and educate individuals on how to get fit, and encourage all of our members to work alongside others with the aim of reaching their fitness goal targets.

“The running club will offer an excellent platform for brides to exercise together in a fun and informal environment where they can reach their fitness goals before they run down the aisle.”

ASV fitness consultant and personal trainer, Adam Blake, added: “Nutrition is extremely important within an exercise programme and has a huge impact on the results you can achieve.

“Not eating the right things can in turn, result in all of that hard work going to waste.

“With our help and expertise we will be able to advise individuals on their nutritional habits, creating top tips on what they should be eating and when they should be eating so that they achieve maximum effects throughout the programme.”

As well as the Running Brides Club, the state-of-the-art facility has also recently launched a range of short-term memberships available to couples looking to tone up or slim down.

Brides and grooms will receive personalised exercise plans and support from Aberdeen Sports Village Fitness Consultants.

Additional memberships include Mr and Mrs Fit, All about the Dress, Groom to Go and Fit Forever After.

The Running Brides Club will cost £30 for a block of 10 sessions, and will run for the duration of the year, meaning individuals can join at any time.

For more information on the club and any of the other initiatives please contact ASV on 01224 438900 or visit