Glasgow School of Art in the frame

The second meeting for the month of May took place in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk, with President Eric Bell chairing the meeting.

The speaker was introduced as Malcolm McCoig, who lives near Auchenblae, and his talk was on his early lifetime in Greenock and the Glasgow School of Art.

Born in Greenock, Malcolm and his family moved in the early 1940s to Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae after their house was bombed and left in ruins.

His education continued on from there to secondary education in Greenock after the family returned.

Malcolm recalled various teachers who gave him good advice and also the different school buildings attended. Various slides were shown of the buildings, many now gone or having been replaced with new.

Subjects such as chemistry, biology and art were all new to Malcolm at his secondary school and it was the latter subject that shaped his future career.

Later, he attended the Glasgow School of Art where he met his future wife – another talented artist - who still works in various mediums. She even has her own kiln for ceramics she creates.

The Broons, Our Wullie in the Sunday Post fascinated Malcolm, more for the cartoon characters regularly drawn by Dudley D Watkins at the D.C. Thomson Company.

John Byrne, the Scottish artist and playwright, also influenced Malcolm’s future after a meeting at his college.

John Byrne went on to write and produce the hugely-successful TV series,‘Tutti Frutti,’ shown in the 1980s and with characters including Robbie Coltrane, now better known as Hagrid in the Harry Potter films.

Use of various styles and paint mediums were also shown with works from famous artists known to Malcolm.

Albert Smith thanked him for his presentation and called on members to recognise his efforts with a well-deserved vote of thanks.