Review: 9 to 5 Musical

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The latest production from Ma Simpsons in conjunction with Spotlight Theatre, took over Stonehaven Town Hall last week for a run of performances of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 the Musical.

With Director/Producer David Johnston-Oates, Director Susan Hughes, Muscial Director Colin Grant, and Stage Manager Davie Taylor at the helm, the production was already off the a running start, and with a hugely talented cast onboard, audiences were treated to night after night of lively, fun packed shows full of laughter and some fantastic singing.

As well as her behind the scens role, Susan Hughes took one of the main leads and Violet Newstead. With her confident stage presence it was clear that she put the other performers - and the audience - at ease and kept the show running smoothly.

However, the show was completely stolen by Stephanie James as Doralee Rhodes and Linzi Charley as Judy Bernly, who both gave truly stunning vocal performances, an absolute joy to watch.

Special mention should also be made of Chris Duke as Joe, who also pulled off a masterful performance with his solo number. Janice Ingram provided the biggest laughs of the night and played her part to perfection.

Overall it was a fabulous night of entertainment, and we can only hope that there will be more to come from this team. However, as with anything else, if not supported by the local community these shows will disappear from the town forever, and with it we will lose a bit of sparkle from our town.