Drunk driver caught on video coming into Stoney

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A man has admitted driving dangerously while unfit through drink or drugs after he was caught on camera coming into Stonehaven.

Sean Hills was stopped in the town when concerned citizens phoned the police after seeing the vehicle swerve along the A90.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police were alerted to a road traffic matter on Monday at around 3.30pm and a 36-year-old man was


Hills appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Tuesday where he was banned from driving.

He is due to be sentenced at the court next month.

The video footage, which is available on the Mearns Leader website, shows the car mounting the pavement on the B979 coming into Stonehaven and narrowly avoiding parked cars along Barclay Street before being pulled over by police on Ann Street.

Iain Macleod, who took the video, said: “We overtook a gentleman who was gesturing erratically at us and, through his gestures, we thought he was saying he had phoned the police on us.

‘‘Our confusion was resolved shortly after as the next car was swerving about.

“I had no idea the video would take off like it did. Facebook on my phone crashed owing to the amount of notifications. I’m glad the video has been seen by so many as it is a good deterrent for drink driving, however I did get into trouble with my Mum for my language throughout it.”




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